Frequently asked questions

Having spoken with thousands of people concerning charters, we can offer some quick advice and answers to some of the more common questions. While many charters are the most economical means of transportation, the aircraft charters we provide should not be confused with discount tickets or cheap airfare. If you can't find an answer to your question - contact us!

Why should I consider chartering an aircraft?
There are many benefits to chartering. Charters will allow you to fly into thousands of airports that are not serviced by scheduled service airlines. Executives that charter enjoy the ability to have meetings, make calls, and conduct business that is only made possible by the special amenities aboard executive jets. Groups like incentive travelers, wedding goers, and musical bands can make their journey with without having to share their plane with others.

Is aircraft charter less expensive than buying group tickets on commercial flights?
It is not very likely, although it depends on the itinerary. If your group has a tight schedule to maintain or has hundreds of people to move at the same time, chartering can be a terrific idea. Chartered aircraft can allow you to fly routes that are not available by commercial airlines and will also allow you to keep the group together. However, charters that involve a week long stay at a resort will virtually always be more expensive than group tickets.. 

Does Air Broker Center own its own aircraft? 
No. Our company has one purpose... to connect our client with the best possible aircraft. By the simple fact that we do not own any aircraft, we are not inclined to sell charters on any particular plane except the safest, most reliable, and most cost efficient planes. And since we book millions of dollars of aircraft charters annually, we receive discount rates that are passed on to our clients. 

If I charter a plane, will I have access to the plane the entire day? Will the operator of the aircraft schedule other trips immediately before or after my scheduled departure times?
The answer depends on the type of aircraft chartered. Airliners like Boeing 737s and A320s are expensive to own and operate. Likewise, operators of these planes during busy periods will often book their plane to fly as much as possible with reasonable margins of error to ensure that a delay from one client does not cause a delay for another client. Executive jets, on the other hand, are generally scheduled to fly only one client on a given day.

What aircraft types do you have?
As airbrokers, we offer all kinds of aircraft types for all kinds of flights. Small or large.
We do not own aircraft, we broker aircraft owned by operators.
We are completely independent and have no financial ties to any airline.
This guarantees unbiased quotations to the client.

What safety standards do the airlines have?
The airlines fulfill at least the requirements for safety set forth by the Civil Aviation Authorities, CAA, although most airlines have their own, harder safety regulations.

What is applicable as to insurance?
All commercial airlines have, and must have, insurance coverage according to governmental regulations. However, it is always advisable to have an individual travel insurance as on any other trip.

When is it a "good deal" to charter?
A hard question to answer in few words. There are many parameters one has to take into account, not only the actual price for the flight. For instance:
- Timesaving; when chartering you decide the schedule.
- Saved hotel costs.
- Saved per diem costs.
- Large groups are hard to fit on scheduled flights, a charter carry them all.

Every request is handled individually, and the conditions of each request are taken into consideration.

Are tickets needed?
Almost never. When chartering a smaller aircraft we only need the passenger names a couple of days prior to departure.
When chartering a large aircraft, some airlines require individual tickets or a group ticket, but most airlines require only a passenger manifest.

Can one change schedule after a booking has been made?
Yes - Flexibility is a key word, especially when chartering smaller business aircraft.

Are all quotations free of charge? 
Yes - A quotation from us is always free of charge!

Could we charter an aircraft abroad?
Yes - We work globally, and through our vast network of contacts we can offer chartered aircraft all over the world.

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