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Business Charter (1-19 passengers)
A private business aircraft saves you a tremendous amount of time. You decide the schedule, and you can in most cases fly to an airport closer to the destination, not forced to use the major airports reached by scheduled flights. In Europe alone, there are over 1000 airports to choose from, most not reached by regular flights. In addition, you can benefit from the privacy of your own cabin and prepare that important business meeting. With a private charter you travel incognito and in total secrecy.

Group Charter (Groups larger than 20 people)
With your own charter, you decide your own departure times, flight route and flight service. Dedicated check-in counters and fast boarding makes the time at the airport minimized. In most cases, you can fly straight to an airport closer to the end goal without having to waste time on airports whilst changing aircraft. This option is ideal for corporate conference trip or exhibition visits, sporting events and other events.

Every flight is tailor made to suit your needs and we offer in addition to personal service a wide range of possibilities to profiling your flight at check-in and on board, including logo headrests, tray mats or inflight entertainment.

Freight Charter
We provide cargo flights of all types. Everything from emergency flights with an vital spare part to larger shipments with long-term planning.

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