City Airport name ICAO IATA Usage Customs Runway IFR Runway length
Bir Ezzobas Bir Ezzobas Civ. No Unpaved No 4100 ft
Borj El Amri Borj El Amri DTTI Civ. No Paved No 3600 ft
Djerba Zarzis DTTJ DJE Civ. Yes Paved Yes 10100 ft
El Borma El Borma DTTR EBM Civ. No Paved No 8800 ft
Gafsa Ksar DTTF GAF Civ. Yes Paved Yes 9500 ft
La Skhira La Skhira Civ. No Unpaved No 6500 ft
Monastir Habib Bourguiba DTMB MIR Civ. Yes Paved Yes 9600 ft
Montesseur Montesseur Civ. No Unpaved No 3900 ft
Sfax Thyna DTTX SFA Civ. Yes Paved Yes 9800 ft
Sp 3 Sp 3 Civ. No Unpaved No 4900 ft
Sp 4 Sp 4 Civ. No Unpaved No 2400 ft
Tabarka 7 November DTKA TBJ Civ. Yes Paved Yes 9400 ft
Tozeur Nefta DTTZ TOE Civ. Yes Paved Yes 10500 ft
Tunis Carthage DTTA TUN Civ. Yes Paved Yes 10400 ft

Explanations on technical data


International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a 4-letter airport location indicator. The field above is left blank if no ICAO location indicator is available for the selected airport.


International Air Transport Association (IATA), a 3-letter identifier for the relevant airport. The field above is left blank if no IATA code is available for the selected airport.


Airports are classified in three categories: civil airports open for public use, military airports and private airports not open to the public. Airports that are joint use, both civil and military, are shown as civil airports.Civ.Civil airport, open for public use (including joint use).Mil.Military airport, not open for public use.Priv.Private airport, not open for public use.


YesCustoms service available during airport operating hours.NoCustoms service not available.O/RAirport has customs service, prior notification is required.Pto.Airport has part-time customs service available, not necessarily identical to the airport hours.ADCUSAn airport within the USA for which the FAA 'ADCUS' method of prior notification may be used.ADCUS O/RAn airport within the USA for which the FAA 'ADCUS' method of prior notification may be used but where restrictions apply.


Identification of the surface of the longest runway available:PavedPaved (hard surface) runwayUnpavedUnpaved (soft surface) runway (Only lighter aircraft)WaterWater (for float planes)


This field indicates if the airport has any officially published instrument approach procedure.YesInstrument approach procedure is published.NoInstrument approach procedure is not published. (Airport not suitable for traffic during bad weather or darkness.)
Runway Length
Shows the length in feet of the longest runway available at the selected airport, rounded down to the next full hundred feet. If the airport has both hard (paved) and soft (unpaved) runways, the length of the longest hard surface runway is shown. If the longest runway is both, hard and soft surface, the length of the hard surface portion is shown.

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